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Quantum Theory of Fields
To say that this is the best book on the quantum theory of fields is no praise, since to my knowledge it is the only book on this subject. But it is a very good and most useful book. The original was
Foundations of the New Field Theory
THE new field equations proposed recently1 can be derived from either of two principles, the first being a rather obvious physical statement, the other an equally obvious mathematical postulate.
The factorization method
The factorization method is an operational procedure which enables us to answer, in a direct manner, questions about eigenvalue problems which are of importance to physicists. The underlying idea is
The Gravitational equations and the problem of motion
Introduction. In this paper we investigate the fundamentally simple question of the extent to which the relativistic equations of gravitation determine the motion of ponderable bodies. Previous
Foundations of the new field theory
The relation of matter and the electromagnetic field can be interpreted from two opposite standpoints:— The first which may be called the unitarian standpoint assumes only one physical entity, the
Electromagnetic Mass
BY the modifications of Maxwell's field equations recently proposed1 it is possible to revive the old idea of the electromagnetic origin of inertia. The mass of the electron can then be calculated
On a New Treatment of Some Eigenvalue Problems
A new method for treating the most important eigenvalue problems in quantum mechanics is developed. The solutions can be found immediately once the equations are factorized by means of linear