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Follow-up of bone mineral density and body composition in adolescents with restrictive anorexia nervosa: role of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry
Background/Objectives:Restrictive Anorexia nervosa (ANR) is an eating disorder (ED) characterized by a low bone mineral content (BMC) and by an alteration in body composition (reduction and abnormalExpand
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Audit of digestive complaints and psychopathological traits in patients with eating disorders: a prospective study.
BACKGROUND Esophago-gastrointestinal symptoms are frequently reported by patients with eating disorders. Scanty data exist on the relationship between psychopathological traits and digestiveExpand
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Psychometric evaluation of SAFA P test for eating disorders in adolescents: comparative validation with EDI-2.
OBJECTIVE This study evaluates the psychometric properties of self-administered psychiatric scale for children and adolescents with psychogenic eating disorders (SAFA P)--a brief self-report designedExpand
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Is cognitive behavioural therapy an effective complement to antidepressants in adolescents? A meta-analysis.
Calati R, Pedrini L, Alighieri S, Alvarez MI, Desideri L, Durante D, Favero F, Iero L, Magnani G, Pericoli V, Polmonari A, Raggini R, Raimondi E, Riboni V, Scaduto MC, Serretti A, De Girolamo G. IsExpand
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Drama therapy and eating disorders: a historical perspective and an overview of a Bolognese project for adolescents.
OBJECTIVES The authors present a description of a theater workshop ("Metamorphosis Project"), developed at the Bologna Eating Disorders Center. DESIGN The workshops are aimed at young, hospitalizedExpand
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SAFA: A new measure to evaluate psychiatric symptoms detected in a sample of children and adolescents affected by eating disorders. Correlations with risk factors
In order to evaluate the psychiatric symptoms associated with a diagnosis of eating disorders (ED) we have administered a new psychometric instrument: the Self Administrated Psychiatric Scales forExpand
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VNS in drug resistant epilepsy: preliminary report on a small group of patients
BackgroundIn 1997 Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of medically intractable partial epilepsy inExpand
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Prospective study on long-term treatment with oxcarbazepine in pediatric epilepsy
Following a previous preliminary report on a group of children suffering from partial epilepsies, we present the final considerations on the same group in order to evaluate the long-term efficacy,Expand
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The refusal of food in childhood: From our clinical experience to an evaluation of recent diagnostic classifications
The aim of this study, which was carried out because of the importance of eating disorders (EDs) acquired by the young and the need to organise resources and interventions for patients and theirExpand
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