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Introduction to the Economics of Religion
After a very long hiatus, economists have begun again to study the relationship between economics and religion. This article seeks to summarize and evaluate the principal themes and empiricalExpand
Sacrifice and Stigma: Reducing Free-riding in Cults, Communes, and Other Collectives
  • L. Iannaccone
  • Economics, Political Science
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 April 1992
This paper presents an economic analysis of religious behavior that accounts for the continuing success of groups with strange requirements and seemingly inefficient prohibitions. The analysis doesExpand
Why Strict Churches Are Strong
The strength of strict churches is neither a historical coicidence nor a statiscal artifact. Strictness makes organizations stronger an more attractive because it reduces free riding. It screens outExpand
The Consequences of Religious Market Structure
In a largely ignored chapter of The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith laid the foundation for an economic theory of religious institutions. Smith emphasized the importance of market structure, describingExpand
A supply-side reinterpretation of the secularization' of Europe
We propose a theory of religious mobilization that accounts for variations in religious participation on the basis of variations in the degree of regulation of religious economies and consequentExpand
Religious extremism: The good, the bad, and the deadly
This paper challenges conventional views of violent religious extremism, particularly those that emphasize militant theology. We offer an alternative analysis that helps explain the persistent demandExpand
This paper derives a theory of religious behavior and organization from the assumption that people seek to limit the risk associated with their religious activities. Alternative risk reductionExpand
Religions Resources and Church Growth
Cet article modelise la croissance des organisations religieuses en tant que « produit » derive des intrants en temps et en argent. Considerant les mesures de l'assistance a la messe et des donationsExpand