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Sewage pollution in the Coastal waters of Mombasa City, Kenya: A norm Rather than an Exception
This study investigated the effects of sewage discharge on nutrient concentrations and BOD5 levels in the coastal waters and sediments ofthe City of Mombasa. The results indicated that nutrientExpand
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The response of phytoplankton and zooplankton to river damming in three cascading reservoirs of the Tana River, Kenya
River damming reduces the ecological heterogeneity of ecosystems, with a resultant shift of communities adapted to lotic conditions to those better adapted to the newly created lentic environment.Expand
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The Influence of Land Based Activities on the Phytoplankton Communities of Shimoni-Vanga system, Kenya
Phytoplankton communities play a significant role in the oceanic biological pump by forming the base of the trophic structure. Increase in nutrients loading affects spatial and temporal distributionExpand
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Potentially Harmful Algae along the Kenyan Coast: A Norm or Threat.
Harmful algal blooms are known to cause mortalities of aquatic organisms when in high biomass through formation of anoxic conditions or production of marine biotoxins (that ultimately reach humansExpand
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Baseline meso-litter pollution in selected coastal beaches of Kenya: Where do we concentrate our intervention efforts?
A total of 23 beaches were surveyed between July and September 2019. Meso-litter was collected by sieving sediment collected from 0.25 m2 quadrats laid along perpendicular transects through 5 mm meshExpand
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The impacts of hydropower development on rural livelihood sustenance
The existing reservoirs on the River Tana (Kenya) were mainly constructed for hydropower generation, with inadequate consideration of the long-term impacts on downstream livelihoods. We investigatedExpand
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Baseline survey of sediment contamination with 210Polonium in three peri-urban creeks of Mombasa, Kenya.
210Po in marine sediment from three peri-urban creeks in Mombasa was analyzed by alpha spectrometry in order to determine its baseline contamination levels. The mean 210Po activity in marine sedimentExpand
The impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on marine litter pollution along the Kenyan Coast: A synthesis after 100 days following the first reported case in Kenya
The contribution of COVID-19 pandemic to marine litter pollution was studied in Mombasa, Kilifi, and Kwale counties of Kenya, in June 2020 (100 days following the first confirmed case in Kenya).Expand
Marine macro-litter composition and distribution along the Kenyan Coast: The first-ever documented study.
Macro-litter accumulation surveys were carried out in six beaches in Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale Counties. Macro litter were collected, quantified and characterized to determine their composition,Expand