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Crushed sunflower, flax, or canola seeds in lactating dairy cow diets: effects on methane production, rumen fermentation, and milk production.
The objective of this study was to investigate the potential of reducing enteric methane production from dairy cows by incorporating into the diet various sources of long-chain FA varying in theirExpand
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Feeding saponin-containing Yucca schidigera and Quillaja saponaria to decrease enteric methane production in dairy cows.
An experiment was conducted in vitro to determine whether the addition of saponin-containing Yucca schidigera or Quillaja saponaria reduces methane production without impairing ruminal fermentationExpand
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A fibrolytic enzyme additive for lactating Holstein cow diets: ruminal fermentation, rumen microbial populations, and enteric methane emissions.
The objective was to determine if supplementing a dairy cow diet with an exogenous fibrolytic enzyme additive (Econase RDE; AB Vista, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK) altered fermentation, pH, andExpand
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Feeding behavior and ruminal acidosis in beef cattle offered a total mixed ration or dietary components separately.
Eighty continental crossbred beef heifers (414.9 ± 37.9 kg of BW), 16 of which were ruminally cannulated, were used in a 52-d experiment with a generalized randomized block design, to assess ifExpand
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Effect of parity and stage of lactation on feed sorting behavior of lactating dairy cows.
The objectives of this study were to determine if feed sorting differs between primiparous (PP) and multiparous (MP) cows, if sorting changes from the period of peak lactation to peak dry matterExpand
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Improved milk production efficiency in early lactation dairy cattle with dietary addition of a developmental fibrolytic enzyme additive.
A 3-part study was conducted to evaluate the effect of a developmental fibrolytic enzyme additive on the digestibility of selected forages and the production performance of early-lactation dairyExpand
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Relationship between rumen methanogens and methane production in dairy cows fed diets supplemented with a feed enzyme additive
Aims:  To investigate the relationship between ruminal methanogen community and host enteric methane (CH4) production in lactating dairy cows fed diets supplemented with an exogenous fibrolyticExpand
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Effect of maturity at harvest on in vitro methane production from ensiled grass
Abstract Controlling the time of harvest to affect grass maturity for silage was evaluated as a methane (CH4) mitigation strategy in a batch culture in vitro with ruminal fluid as inoculum and silageExpand
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Feeding behavior and ruminal pH of corn silage, barley grain, and corn dried distillers' grain offered in a total mixed ration or in a free-choice diet to beef cattle.
Seventy-nine continental crossbred beef heifers (524.4 ± 41.68 kg BW), 16 of which were ruminally cannulated, were used in a 53-d experiment with a generalized randomized block design to assess theExpand
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