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Characterization of resistance to Aphis glycines in soybean accessions
Growth-chamber experiments were conducted to determine and characterize host-plant resistance among several soybean accessions, confirming Dowling and PI 71506 as strong sources of resistance to A. glycines and suggesting these accessions may also be valuable to soybean breeding programs as sources of Resistance. Expand
Performance and prospects of Rag genes for management of soybean aphid
Results suggest that use of aphid‐resistant soybean lines with Rag genes may be viable for managing soybean aphids, however, virulent biotypes of soy bean aphid were identified before release of Aphid‐ resistant soybean, and thus a strategy for optimal deployment of aphids‐resistant Soybean is needed to ensure sustainability of this technology. Expand
Status of Exotic and Previously Common Native Coccinellids (Coleoptera) in South Dakota Landscapes
The objectives of this study were to survey coccinellids in various habitats in South Dakota to better characterize the current cocCinellid fauna, determine the extent of exploitation by invasive coccines, and possibly identify refuge habitats of previously common coccinllid species. Expand
Antibiosis and antixenosis to Rhopalosiphum padi among triticale accessions
Tests for antibiosis and antixenosis resistance to Rhopalosiphum padi L., the bird cherry-oat aphid, were conducted among four wheat and eight triticale accessions and revealed heterogeneity in host selection by R. padi but an overall trend that triticalse accession Okto Derzhavina, N1185, N 1186 and Stniism 3 were less preferred hosts than Arapahoe wheat. Expand
Resistance to Aphis glycines (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in Various Soybean Lines Under Controlled Laboratory Conditions
Results confirm earlier findings that Jackson is a strong source of resistance to A. glycines, and they suggest that Tie-feng 8, Braxton, and especially Cobb are potentially useful sources of resistance. Expand
Root and Shoot Responses to Bird Cherry‐Oat Aphids and Barley yellow dwarf virus in Spring Wheat
It is concluded that R. padi infestation caused acute injury to spring wheat plants while BYDV caused chronic injury. Expand
Antixenosis to the Soybean Aphid in Soybean Lines
The identification of antixenosis in several soybean lines provides soybean breeders and pest management practitioners with additional options for managing soybean aphid through host-plant resistance. Expand