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An Analytical Model for Spherical Galaxies and Bulges
Un modele de masse pour les galaxies elliptiques, qui approche la loi R 1/4 de Vaucouleur, est developpe. Il est demontre que les proprietes intrinseques et les distributions de densite de ce modeleExpand
Gasdynamics and starbursts in major mergers
Using numerical simulation, we study the development of gaseous inflows and triggering of starburst activity in mergers of comparable-mass disk galaxies. In all encounters studied, the galaxiesExpand
TREESPH: A Unification of SPH with the Hierarchical Tree Method
A new, general-purpose code for evolving three-dimensional, self-gravitating fluids in astrophyics, both with and without collisionless matter, is described. In this TREESPH code, hydrodynamicExpand
N-body realizations of compound galaxies
A prescription for constructing N-body models of galaxies consisting of more than one component is described. Spatial density profiles are realized exactly, but the phase space distribution isExpand
Cosmological Simulations with TreeSPH
We describe numerical methods for incorporating gas dynamics into cosmological simulations and present illustrative applications to the cold dark matter (CDM) scenario. Our evolution code, a versionExpand
Transformations of Galaxies. II. Gasdynamics in Merging Disk Galaxies
In mergers of disk galaxies, gas plays a role quite out of proportion to its relatively modest contribution to the total mass. To study this behavior, we have included gasdynamics in self-consistentExpand
Recovery of the Power Spectrum of Mass Fluctuations from Observations of the Lyα Forest
We present a method to recover the shape and amplitude of the power spectrum of mass fluctuations, P(k), from observations of the high-redshift Lyα forest. The method is motivated by the physicalExpand
Ultraluminous starbursts in major mergers
We use numerical simulation to investigate the triggering of starbursts in merging disk galaxies. The properties of the merger-driven starbursts are sensitive to the structure of the progenitorExpand
Performance characteristics of tree codes
Implantation FORTRAN de l'algorithme en arbre hierarchique de Barnes-Hut. Analyse dans le contexte du probleme astrophysique a N corps
The Low-Redshift Lyα Forest in Cold Dark Matter Cosmologies
We study the physical origin of the low-redshift Lyα forest in hydrodynamic simulations of four cosmological models, all variants of the cold dark matter scenario. Our most important conclusions areExpand