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Endocrine changes in male stumptailed macaques (Macaca arctoides) as a response to odor stimulation with vaginal secretions
In mammalian species, social chemosignals are important in modulating endocrine reproductive functions. In nonhuman primates, previous studies have described a high frequency of mounting behavior byExpand
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Comparison of the effects of Percoll and PureSperm® on the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) semen
Abstract:  Density gradient centrifugation is a widely used technique for the separation of motile from non‐motile sperm, for the removal of contaminating agents such as bacteria and viruses, and forExpand
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Male-Induced Sociosexual Behavior by Vaginal Secretions in Macaca arctoides
Odor communication in Old World monkeys and apes is controversial, because most females have evolved visual and behavioral cues to signal fertility, e.g., sexual swellings. Female stump-tailedExpand
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The seminal coagulum favours passage of fast-moving sperm into the uterus in the black-handed spider monkey.
In addition to gametes, mammalian internal fertilisation has required the evolution of assorted anatomical, physiological and biochemical devices to deal with intra- and inter-sexual conflict such asExpand
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Seasonality of LH, testosterone and sperm parameters in spider monkey males (Ateles geoffroyi)
There are no reported data on hormonal fluctuations in black‐handed spider monkey males. On previous research about the reproductive physiology of this monkey we have found that during the dry seasonExpand
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Testosterone, the progesterone/estradiol ratio, and female ratings of masculine facial fluctuating asymmetry for a long-term relationship
Idiosyncratic variation within the normal range of androgens levels in women account for significant variations in personality and behavior. We studied if testosterone introduces significant biasesExpand
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An index to prioritize the preventive maintenance of medical equipment
We propose an index to prioritize preventive maintenance for medical equipment. Expand
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Comparative Analysis of Two Indicators of Technical Evaluation for the Replacement of Medical Equipment
The technical status of the medical equipment is a criterion used to define its replacement. In this paper we present two indicators to evaluate the technical status of the medical equipmentExpand
La selección sexual en los humanos
SUMMARY Human reproduction involves, as in many other mammal species, a sexual selection process. Some of the features chose in a reproductive mate are intelligence, reliability, health, access toExpand