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Principles and applications of organotransition metal chemistry
A perspective Bonding Survey of organotransition metal complexes according to ligand Ligand substitution processes Oxidative-addition and reductive elimination Intramolecular insertion reactionsExpand
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Transition Metals in the Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecules
Formalisms, Electron Counting, Bonding (How Things Work) Organometallic Reaction Mechanisms Synthetic Applications of Transition Metal Hybrides, Homogeneous Hydrogenation Synthetic Applications ofExpand
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Oxidative cyclization of unsaturated aminoquinones synthesis of quinolinoquinones palladium catalyzed synthesis of pyrroloindoloquinones
A partir d'allyl-2 diamino-3,6 p-benzoquinones, synthese de quinoleinequinones-5,8, d'indolequinones-4,7 et de pyrrolo [1,2-a] indolequinones-5,8
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Effect of adjacent chiral tertiary and quaternary centers on the metal-catalyzed allylic substitution reaction.
The metal-catalyzed allylic substitution reaction of 5a,b and 6a was examined. Reaction with stabilized nucleophiles led to exclusive attack at the less-hindered allylic terminus, and theExpand
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Reaction engineering for catalyst design
Abstract The development of new or improved catalysts is an interdisciplinary effort. Reaction engineering, via mathematical models, can identify key catalyst design variables and quantify theirExpand
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Transition metals in organic synthesis
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