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Statistical Methods for Meta-Analysis
Preface. Introduction. Data Sets. Tests of Statistical Significance of Combined Results. Vote-Counting Methods. Estimation of a Single Effect Size: Parametric and Nonparametric Methods. ParametricExpand
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Introduction to Meta-Analysis
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Distribution Theory for Glass's Estimator of Effect size and Related Estimators
Glass's estimator of effect size, the sample mean difference divided by the sample standard deviation, is studied in the context of an explicit statistical model. The exact distribution of Glass'sExpand
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Meta-analysis provides formal statistical techniques for summarizing the results of independent experiments and is increasingly being used in ecology. The response ratio (the ratio of mean outcome inExpand
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The Handbook of Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis
The chapter on stochastically dependent effect sizes by Gleser and Olkin (2009) in The handbook of research synthesis and meta-analysis (2nd ed.) describes. Download Here: tinyurl.com/ohnxrcn WhenExpand
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Intraclass Correlation Values for Planning Group-Randomized Trials in Education
Experiments that assign intact groups to treatment conditions are increasingly common in social research. In educational research, the groups assigned are often schools. The design ofExpand
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Redefine statistical significance
We propose to change the default P-value threshold for statistical significance from 0.05 to 0.005 for claims of new discoveries.
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Categories and particulars: prototype effects in estimating spatial location.
A model of category effects on reports from memory is presented. The model holds that stimuli are represented at 2 levels of detail: a fine-grain value and a category. When memory is inexact butExpand
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Fixed- and random-effects models in meta-analysis.
There are 2 families of statistical procedures in meta-analysis: fixed- and randomeffects procedures. They were developed for somewhat different inference goals: making inferences about the effectExpand
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A basic introduction to fixed-effect and random-effects models for meta-analysis.
There are two popular statistical models for meta-analysis, the fixed-effect model and the random-effects model. Expand
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