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Layered depth images
We present a set of efficient image based rendering methods capable of rendering multiple frames per second on a PC. Expand
High-quality linear interpolation for demosaicing of Bayer-patterned color images
This paper introduces a new interpolation technique for demosaicing of color images produced by single-CCD digital cameras. Expand
Rendering with concentric mosaics
  • H. Shum, L. He
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • SIGGRAPH '99
  • 1 July 1999
An image based system and process for rendering novel views of a real or synthesized 3D scene based on a series of concentric mosaics depicting the scene. Expand
The virtual cinematographer: a paradigm for automatic real-time camera control and directing
This paper presents a paradigm for automatically generating complete camera specifications for capturing events in virtual 3D environments in real-time. Expand
Auto-summarization of audio-video presentations
We evaluate three techniques for automatic creation of summaries for online audio-video presentations that are 20%-25% the length of full presentations to author generated summaries. Expand
Distributed meetings: a meeting capture and broadcasting system
The common meeting is an integral part of everyday life for most workgroups. Expand
Declarative Camera Control for Automatic Cinematography
In this paper, we describe several of the principles of cinematography and show how they can be formalized into a declarative language, called the Declarative Camera Control Language (OCCL). Expand
Browsing digital video
We present results from a user study where users browsed video in six different categories: classroom lectures, conference presentations, entertainment shows, news, sports, and travel. Expand
Automating lecture capture and broadcast: technology and videography
We report the design of a complete system that captures and broadcasts lectures automatically and report on a user study and a detailed set of video-production rules obtained from professional videographers who critiqued the system. Expand
Query suggestion by constructing term-transition graphs
Query suggestion is an interactive approach for search engines to better understand users information need. Expand