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Partitioning European grassland net ecosystem CO2 exchange into gross primary productivity and ecosystem respiration using light response function analysis
Gilmanov, T. G., Soussana, J. F., Aires, L., Allard, V., Ammann, C., Balzarolo, M., Barcza, Z., Bernhofer, C., Campbell, C. L., Cernusca, A., Cescatti, A., Clifton-Brown, J. C., Dirks, B. O. M.,Expand
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Regional carbon dioxide fluxes from mixing ratio data
We examine the atmospheric budget of CO2 at temperate continental sites in the Northern Hemisphere. On a monthly time scale both surface exchange and atmospheric transport are important inExpand
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CO2 surface fluxes at grid point scale estimated from a global 21 year reanalysis of atmospheric measurements
This paper documents a global Bayesian variational inversion of CO2 surface fluxes during the period 1988-2008. Weekly fluxes are estimated on a 3.75 degrees x 2.5 degrees (longitude-latitude) gridExpand
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Measuring system for the long‐term monitoring of biosphere/atmosphere exchange of carbon dioxide
We describe an ongoing program being carried out in Hungary to investigate the role of the temperate continental region in the global carbon cycle. Carbon dioxide mixing ratios are continuouslyExpand
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On the representativeness of carbon dioxide measurements
On the basis of the measurements at two monitoring sites located close to each other (220 km) in plain regions in Hungary, the representativeness of low-elevation continental CO 2 measurements isExpand
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Seven years of recent European net terrestrial carbon dioxide exchange constrained by atmospheric observations
We present an estimate of net ecosystem exchange (NEE) of CO2 in Europe for the years 2001-2007. It is derived with a data assimilation that uses a large set of atmospheric CO2 mole fractionExpand
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Spatial representativeness of tall tower eddy covariance measurements using remote sensing and footprint analysis.
Abstract We present a method for the estimation of the spatial representativeness of tall tower eddy covariance measurements monitoring a heterogeneous landscape. The approach attributes the measuredExpand
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A recent build-up of atmospheric CO2 over Europe. Part 1: observed signals and possible explanations
We analysed interannual and decadal changes in the atmospheric CO2 concentration gradient (ΔCO2) between Europe and the Atlantic Ocean over the period 1995–2007. Fourteen measurement stations areExpand
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Trends and temporal variations of major greenhouse gases at a rural site in Central Europe
In this chapter, the trends and temporal variations of four major greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)) measured at Hegyhatsal,Expand
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Stable isotope compositions of CO(2) in background air and at polluted sites in Hungary.
  • A. Demény, L. Haszpra
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM
  • 30 April 2002
CO(2) samples were collected from air at three sites in Hungary for comparison of polluted and background areas. In order to reduce the uncertainties caused by the varying amount of N(2)O, a gasExpand
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