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The 'North American shale composite' - Its compilation, major and trace element characteristics
Abstract The compilation and major element composition of the “North American shale composite” (NASC) are reported for the first time, along with redeterminations for the REE and selected otherExpand
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Major lunar crustal terranes: Surface expressions and crust‐mantle origins
In light of global remotely sensed data, the igneous crust of the Moon can no longer be viewed as a simple, globally stratified cumulus structure, composed of a flotation upper crust of anorthositeExpand
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Extracting olivine (Fo–Fa) compositions from Raman spectral peak positions
The dominant feature of the olivine Raman spectrum is a doublet that occurs in the spectral region of 815–825 cm � 1 (DB1) and 838– 857 cm � 1 (DB2). These features arise from coupled symmetric andExpand
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Rare Earths in European Shales: A Redetermination
The rare-earth elements in a composite of European shales originally analyzed by Minami in 1935 have been analyzed by neutron activation. The apparent europium deficiency and the differences inExpand
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Meteoritic, solar and terrestrial rare-earth distributions.
Meteoritic, solar and terrestrial rare earth distribution abundance in chondritic or ordinary stony meteorites
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Raman spectroscopy of Fe-Ti-Cr-oxides, case study: Martian meteorite EETA79001
Abstract Raman spectral features of chromite, ulvöspinel, magnetite, ilmenite, hematite, and some of their solid solutions are presented. Although most Fe-Ti-Cr-oxides produce relatively weak RamanExpand
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Northwest Africa 032: Product of lunar volcanism
Mineralogy, major element compositions of minerals, and elemental and oxygen isotopic compositions of the whole rock attest to a lunar origin of the meteorite Northwest Africa 032 (NWA 032), anExpand
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The case for an Imbrium origin of the Apollo thorium‐rich impact‐melt breccias
Abstract— Mafic, Th-rich impact-melt breccias, most of which are identified with the composition known as low-K Fra Mauro (LKFM), are the most common rock type in the nonmare regoliths of the ApolloExpand
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The materials of the lunar Procellarum KREEP Terrane: A synthesis of data from geomorphological mapping, remote sensing, and sample analyses
Major features of the Moon's Procellarum KREEP Terrane include subdued relief and extensive resurfacing with mare basalt, consistent with high concentrations of Th and other heat-producing elementsExpand
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Development of the Mars microbeam Raman spectrometer (MMRS)
[1] Raman spectroscopy is a powerful tool for mineral characterization and for detection of water and organic and inorganic forms of carbon. The Mars microbeam Raman spectrometer (MMRS) is designedExpand
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