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Inhibition of nitric oxide production in RAW 264.7 cells by azaphilones from xylariaceous fungi.
The aim of this study was to discover a novel agent that suppresses nitric oxide (NO) production stimulated by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in RAW 264.7 cells. We carried out a screening test in fifteenExpand
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Linderolides A-F, eudesmane-type sesquiterpene lactones and linderoline, a germacrane-type sesquiterpene from the roots of Lindera strychnifolia and their inhibitory activity on NO production in RAW
From the roots of Lindera strychnifolia, seven sesquiterpenes, named linderolides A-F and linderoline, were isolated together with six known compounds. The structures of linderolides A-F wereExpand
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Antiproliferative and antiplasmodial dimeric phloroglucinols from Mallotus oppositifolius from the Madagascar Dry Forest (1).
Bioassay-guided fractionation of an ethanol extract of the leaves and inflorescence of Mallotus oppositifolius collected in Madagascar led to the isolation of the two new bioactive dimericExpand
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Secoiridoid and iridoid glucosides from the leaves of Fraxinus griffithii
Phytochemical investigation of the dried leaves of Fraxinus griffithii collected in Okinawa has led to the isolation of three new secoiridoid glucosides, griffithosides A–C (1–3), and one new iridoidExpand
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Secondary metabolites of Cinnamosma madagascariensis and their alpha-glucosidase inhibitory properties.
Two new drimane-type sesquiterpenes, cinnamadin (1) and cinnamodial 11alpha,12beta-dimethyl acetal (2), together with pereniporin B (3), ugandensolide (4), polygodial (5), capsicodendrin, cinnamodialExpand
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Isolation and synthesis of two antiproliferative calamenene-type sesquiterpenoids from Sterculia tavia from the Madagascar rain forest.
Investigation of the endemic Madagascan plant Sterculia taiva Baill. (Malvaceae) for antiproliferative activity against the A2780 ovarian cancer cell line led to the isolation of two new bioactiveExpand
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Distribution of Drimane Sesquiterpenoids and Tocopherols in Liverworts, Ferns and Higher Plants: Polygonaceae, Canellaceae and Winteraceae Species
The liverwort, Porella vernicosa complex produces a very hot tasting polygodial, a drimane-type sesquiterpene dialdehyde. The same compound has been isolated from two ferns, Thelypteris hispidula andExpand
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Essential oil composition of four Croton species from Madagascar and their chemotaxonomy
1. Subject and sourceCroton (Euphorbiaceae) is one of the largest genera of flowering plants, with nearly 1300 species of herbs, shrubs,and trees that are ecologically prominent and often importantExpand
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