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Induction of Terpenoid Synthesis in Cotton Roots and Control of Rhizoctonia solani by Seed Treatment with Trichoderma virens.
ABSTRACT Research on the mechanisms employed by the biocontrol agent Trichoderma virens to suppress cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) seedling disease incited by Rhizoctonia solani has shown thatExpand
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One fungus, one name: defining the genus Fusarium in a scientifically robust way that preserves longstanding use.
In this letter, we advocate recognizing the genus Fusarium as the sole name for a group that includes virtually all Fusarium species of importance in plant pathology, mycotoxicology, medicine, andExpand
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Sensitivity to thiabendazole in Fusarium species associated with dry rot of potato.
Fusarium species associated with dry rot of potato tubers during 1992 and 1993 were characterized. We isolated fungi from wounds or preexisting lesions on randomly collected samples of seed,Expand
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Influence of glyphosate on Rhizoctonia and Fusarium root rot in sugar beet.
This study tests the effect of glyphosate application on disease severity in glyphosate-resistant sugar beet, and examines whether the increase in disease is fungal or plant mediated. In greenhouseExpand
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Analysis of β-tubulin Gene Fragments from Benzimidazole-sensitive and -tolerant Cercospora beticola
Cercospora leaf spot of sugar beet, caused by the fungus Cercospora beticola, is a major foliar pathogen on sugar beet. Fungicide sprays have been used extensively to manage Cercospora leaf spot,Expand
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Virulence, distribution and diversity of Rhizoctonia solani from sugar beet in Idaho and Oregon
Abstract Rhizoctonia root rot causes serious losses on sugar beet worldwide. In order to help explain why Rhizoctonia root rot management practices have not performed well in some areas of theExpand
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Fusarium species causing Fusarium yellows of sugarbeet.
Species of Fusarium isolated from sugarbeet with Fusarium yellows symptoms from throughout the Western U.S.A. in 2001 were examined for pathogenicity on sugar­ beet in greenhouse tests. ThirteenExpand
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Compendium of beet diseases and pests.
Compendium of beet diseases and pests , Compendium of beet diseases and pests , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
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Elicitors of Plant Defense Responses from Biocontrol Strains of Trichoderma viren.
ABSTRACT Effective biocontrol strains of Trichoderma virens can induce the production of defense-related compounds in the roots of cotton. Ineffective strains do not induce these compounds toExpand
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