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Determination of N-methylmorpholine in air samples from a polyurethane foam factory. Comparison between two methods using gas chromatography and isotachophoresis for analysis.
The N-methylmorpholine levels in workroom air in a polyurethane foam factory were determined by two methods in which midget impinger flasks were used for sampling. The analyses were performed by gasExpand
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Determination of butylamine in air samples by isotachophoresis.
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Determination of dimethylethylamine in air samples from iron foundries by isotachophoresis.
A method for the determination of dimethylethylamine in workroom air has been developed. Static gas standards of the amine in air were used to evaluate different sampling techniques. The analysis wasExpand
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A method for the determination of ethylenediamine in workroom air.
An ethylenediamine-air mixture was generated in a dynamic gas mixing apparatus, and three different sampling techniques were tested. The analysis was performed using isotachophoresis. Sampling in anExpand
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Isotachophoretic determination of amines from workroom air.
Eight different isotachophoretic systems for the analysis of 27 aliphatic amines are described. Complete methods including sampling and analysis procedures for the determination of eight amines inExpand
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Contact allergy to colour developing agents. Analysis of test preparations, bulk chemicals and tank solutions by high-performance liquid chromatography.
Colour developing agents which are derivatives of p-phenylenediamine can cause contact allergy. This study was done to perform if the observed simultaneous test reactions between different colourExpand
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A method for chemical fractionation of chloride from complex effluents
A method was developed to fractionate chloride ions from complex effluents using an ion exchange column. The procedure utilizes a strongly basic anion exchange resin with hydroxide ions as theExpand
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