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Electronic structure and optical properties of CdSexTe1−x mixed crystals
Abstract The band structure and optical properties of the CdSe x Te 1− x ternary mixed crystals have been studied using the pseudopotential formalism under an improved virtual crystal approximationExpand
Nitrogen and Carbon Isotope Composition of Wheat Grain: Alteration due to Sink‐source Modifications at Flowering
An experiment of sink-source modifications was performed in field-grown wheat at flowering on five varieties (four Triticum aestivum and one T. durum); among these, two varieties were non-awned. TheExpand
Band parameters for cadmium and zinc chalcogenide compounds
Theoretical investigations of the electronic, optical and elastic properties of cadmium and zinc chalcogenides in the zinc-blende structure are performed using a pseudopotential formalism. OurExpand
Effect of soil type on nitrate uptake by wheat shoots characterized using 15N-labelled NH4 NO3-fertilizer and in vitro, leaf nitrate reductase activity
Higher in vitro NR activity in the CP flag leaf confirmed that release and re-use of stored nitrate occurred and that plants grown on chalky soils appear to have an enhanced ability to utilise nitrate. Expand
Refractive index and dielectric constants of lattice matched and mismatched Cdx Zn1−x Sey Te1−y quaternary alloys
We report on a study of optical properties, namely the refractive index and high-frequency and static dielectric constants of zinc-blende Cdx Zn1−x Sey Te1−y under conditions of lattice matching andExpand
Comparative drought responses of Quercus suber seedlings of three Algerian provenances under greenhouse conditions
Summer drought behaviour of seedlings originating from three Algerian provenances: from humid (Jijel), sub humid (Azazga) and semi-arid (M'Sila) Mediterranean areas is investigated and survival rate was lowest for M’Sila and highest for Azazga seedlings. Expand
Growth, ectomycorrhization and biochemical parameters of Quercus suber L. seedlings under drought conditions
The survival of the seedlings under these drought conditions was due to two strategies: osmotic adjustment through soluble sugars and proteins accumulations in leaves and an increase in carbon discrimination which enhances the water use efficiency (WUE). Expand
Effect of soil type on nitrogen balance at maturity in wheat characterized using 15N-labelled NH4 NO3-fertilizer and sink–source modifications at flowering
Benefits previously observed in vegetative wheat plants grown on chalky soils compared to loamy soils with respect to enhanced NO3 utilisation, are also manifest at grain-filling and maturity. Expand