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217-249 inRegression with Graphics: A Second Course in Applied Statistics
  • L. Hamilton
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 14 November 1991
1. Variable Distributions 2. Bivariate Regression Analysis 3. Basics of Multiple Regression 4. Regression Criticism 5. Fitting Curves 6. Robust Regressions 7. Logit Regression 8. Principle ComponentsExpand
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Education, politics and opinions about climate change evidence for interaction effects
U.S. public opinion regarding climate change has become increasingly polarized in recent years, as partisan think tanks and others worked to recast an originally scientific topic into a politicalExpand
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Statistics With Stata
Introduction to STATA data graphs frequency distributions and univariate statistics T tests, anova, and nonparametric comparisons bivariate regression multiple regression regression diagnosticsExpand
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Statistics with Stata : updated for version 12
Stata Version 12 opens the door to the full use of the popular Stata program--a fast, flexible, and easy-to-use environment for data management and statistics analysis. Expand
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Regional variation in perceptions about climate change
A 2007 survey covering rural areas in nine US states provides data on perceived local impacts of climate change. Perceptions vary from region to region, with a pattern suggesting links to realExpand
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Blowin' in the Wind: Short-Term Weather and Belief in Anthropogenic Climate Change
AbstractA series of polls provides new tests for how weather influences public beliefs about climate change. Statewide data from 5000 random-sample telephone interviews conducted on 99 days over 2.5Expand
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Ski areas, weather and climate: time series models for New England case studies
Wintertime warming trends experienced in recent decades, and predicted to increase in the future, present serious challenges for ski areas and whole regions that depend on winter tourism. MostExpand
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Tropical Montane Cloud Forests
Tropical montane cloud forests are regions of high biodiversity occurring as narrow altitudinal belts in the tropics. This ecosystem is adapted to high frequency of cloud immersion and extraction ofExpand
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