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Taxonomic Account of Datura L. (Solanaceae) in Australia With a Note on Brugmansia Pers
A taxonomic account of the genus Datura in Australia is presented. Wild populations of D. stramonium, D. ferox, D, leichhardtii, D, inoxia and D. wrightii occur and D. metel is cultivated andExpand
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A conspectus of Solanaceae tribe Anthocercideae
Haegi, L. (National Herbarium of New South Wales, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia 2000) 19B1. A conspectus of Solanaceae tribe Anthocercideae. Telopea 2 (2): 173-1BO.-A summary of theExpand
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Taxonomic account of Lycium (Solanaceae) in Australia
The genus Lycium L. is represented in Australia by one endemic (L. australe F. Muell.) and three naturalized alien species (L. ferocissimum Miers, L. barbavum L. and L. afrum L.). L. macvocalyxExpand
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Taking into account the recent publication of the new species H. repullulans HM. Lee from western Victoria and South Australia, it is shown that the name H ulicina, widely used in the past, doe.s notExpand
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Tremetone derivatives from Minuria leptophylla
Abstract The aerial parts of Minuria leptophylla afforded several substituted p -hydroxyacetophenones including seven new closely related tremetone derivatives. The structures were elucidated by highExpand
Secondary Metabolites of Intergeneric Hybrids of the Anthocercideae, Family Solanaceae
AbstractThe tropane and pyridine alkaloids contained in the aerial parts of three putative hybrids of the tribe Anthocercideae, family Solanaceae have been investigated. The cross CyphantheraExpand
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Alkaloids of Cyphanthera myosotidea
AbstractHyoscine is the principal alkaloid of the aerial parts of Cyphanthera myosotidea; smaller proportions of apohyoscine, hyoscyamine/atropine, norhyoscyamine/noratropine, 6β-hydroxy-hyoscyamine,Expand
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