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The article analyses organizational structures and coordination mechanisms for crisis management in six European countries, focusing on the prevalence of hierarchical and network arrangements,Expand
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The challenges of coordination in national security management – the case of the terrorist attack in Norway
The article addresses a ‘wicked problem’: Organizing for internal security and societal safety. It examines the central emergency and crisis management under the terrorist attack in Norway in JulyExpand
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Organizing for Crisis Management: Building Governance Capacity and Legitimacy
What makes a well-functioning governmental crisis management system, and how can this be studied using an organization theory–based approach? A core argument is that such a system needs bothExpand
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New Coordination Challenges in the Welfare State
This special issue deals with coordination in the public sector. Novel coordination practices constitute a response to demands for a more efficient state apparatus and an attempt to increase govern...
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After a Terrorist Attack: Challenges for Political and Administrative Leadership in Norway
This article addresses the challenges that the terrorist attacks on 22 July 2011 in Norway created for central government and, more particularly, for the political and police leadership. The emphasisExpand
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Lessons Learned and Policy Implications
The case studies in this book illustrate how European countries have used a variety of instruments to address coordination problems. Reforms aiming to strengthen coordination have been initiated toExpand
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Hybrid Collaborative Arrangements: The welfare administration in Norway – between hierarchy and network
Abstract This paper uses a survey to analyse how administrative executives perceive coordination following the reform of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. Applying a structural andExpand
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Attitudes towards anti-terror measures: the role of trust, political orientation and civil liberties support
This article analyses Norwegian citizens' attitudes towards the use of strong prevention measures in the fight against terrorism. Norwegians stand out as being relatively supportive of such measures,Expand
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