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Mechanical Properties of Arteries in Vivo
Methods have been assembled permitting the simultaneous recording of intra-arterial pressure and arterial diameter with sufficient accuracy so that the mechanical properties of arteries in vivo,Expand
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Ivermectin, a new broad-spectrum antiparasitic agent.
22,23-Dihydroavermectin B1, ivermectin, derived from avermectin B1 by selective hydrogenation using Wilkinson's homogenous catalyst [Ph3P)3RhCl], was shown to be a highly effective drug for theExpand
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Comparison of arterial hemodynamics in the mongrel dog and the racing greyhound.
This study was undertaken to define certain differences in cardiovascular function between mongrel (M) and greyhound (GH) dogs. In unanesthetized, trained, chronically instrumented animals meanExpand
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Effect of Interaction of the Hypothalamus and the Carotid Sinus Mechanoreceptor System on Renal Hemodynamics in the Anesthetized Dog
The purpose of this investigation was to show how the operating characteristics of the reflex having carotid sinus pressure as an input and renal pressure and flow as an output are modified by gradedExpand
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Steroidal androgen biosynthesis inhibitors.
23,17beta-acylaminoandrost-4-en-3-ones and 3 previously known nonsteroids were synthesized and screened as inhibitors of 17,20-lyase, a step in androgen synthesis from progesterone orExpand
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Sympathetic control of the mechanical properties of the canine carotid sinus.
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Regulation of Blood Vessels
THE CARDIOVASCULAR system serves the biologic organism as a transportation and mixing system. The demalnd by the organism for this service varies in different tissues and at different times while theExpand
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Properties and behavior of living vascular wall.
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