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The physical location of genes cdc2 and prh1 in maize (Zea mays L.).
A biotin-labelling in situ hybridization technique was first used to physically map two single copy genes, cdc2 and prh1, in maize. These two genes are metabolically interrelated genes. TheExpand
Maize Gene Mapping Report. Maize nac1 and cld Genes Map to Chromosome Arms 10L and 2S, and to 4L and 5L, Respectively
Maize inbred line Huang Zao 4 was donated by Professor Song JianCheng, Shandong Agricultural University, China and cDNA probes tested confirmed the positions of nac1 and cld on linkage groups 10 and 4 on the genetic map, and duplicated sequences homologous to these two genes were also found on 2S and 5L. Expand
[Physical location and detection of homologous sequences of proto-oncogene ras on maize].
To analyze the presence of homologous sequences of ras in maize and rice, Southern blot hybridization was performed and positive signals was detected in these two species' genomes. Expand