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Comparison of functional aspects in two automatic milking systems and auto-tandem milking parlors.
Milk yield, milking frequency, intermilking interval, teat-cup attachment success rate, and length of the milking procedure are important functional aspects of automatic milking systems (AMS). InExpand
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Ear and tail postures as indicators of emotional valence in sheep
Abstract To date, most studies on animal emotions have focused on the assessment of negative emotional states, and there is a lack of approaches to characterising positive emotional states. The aimExpand
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Behavioural and physiological assessment of positive and negative emotion in sheep
The assessment of emotional states in animals, particularly positive ones, remains a scientific challenge. We investigated differences in behavioural and physiological measures recorded in sheep,Expand
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Ammonia emissions and emission factors of naturally ventilated dairy housing with solid floors and an outdoor exercise area in Switzerland
Abstract From an agricultural and environmental policy perspective there is a pressing need for up-to-date emission data on ammonia (NH3) from dairy farming. The main aim of this study was toExpand
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Influence of weaning method on health status and rumen development in dairy calves.
In the artificial rearing of dairy calves, the same feeding plan is applied to all animals during the milk-feeding period, with individual differences attributable to development or health statusExpand
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Physiological expression of emotional reactions in sheep
With the aim of judging emotional valence from an animal's perspective, multiple physiological variables were recorded in sheep when they were exposed to situations likely to induce negative andExpand
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The A to Z of statistics for testing cognitive judgement bias
  • L. Gygax
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  • 30 September 2014
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Social distances of goats at the feeding rack: Influence of the quality of social bonds, rank differences, grouping age and presence of horns
Abstract To minimise social conflicts between goats and improve pen design, knowledge of factors affecting social distances at the feeding rack is needed. In our study, we investigated the influenceExpand
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Leg lesions and cleanliness of finishing bulls kept in housing systems with different lying area surfaces.
The influence of the quality of different lying surfaces on lesions and swellings at the joints as well as on the cleanliness of finishing bulls throughout the fattening period was studied. On 17Expand
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Do pigs distinguish between situations of different emotional valences during anticipation
An animal's welfare is strongly affected by its emotional state. Thus, many recent studies have focused on measuring the emotional states and responses of animals. However, there is still a lack ofExpand
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