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Identification and molecular characterization of Panax notoginseng virus A, which may represent an undescribed novel species of the genus Totivirus, family Totiviridae
Data suggest that dsRNA PN-S may represent the genome of a member of a novel species of the genus Totivirus, family Totiviridae, for which the name Panax notoginseng virus A (PnVA) is proposed.
Complete sequence of a double-stranded RNA from the phytopathogenic fungus Erysiphe cichoracearum that might represent a novel endornavirus
The results suggest that HBJZ1506 might represent a novel endornavirus, for which the name Erysiphe cichoracearum endornvirus (EcEV) is proposed.
The genome sequence of Brassica campestris chrysovirus 1, a novel putative plant-infecting tripartite chrysovirus
In a phylogenetic tree based on the conserved amino acid sequences of the RdRps of chrysoviruses, totiviruses and partitivirus, the putative BrcCV1 formed a separate clade with Raphanus sativus chrysovirus 1 (RasCV1), a putative trisegmented, plant-infecting chysovirus, in the family Chryso Viridae.