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Inconsistency of interacting, multi-graviton theories
We investigate, in any space-time dimension ≥3, the problem of consistent couplings for a (finite or infinite) collection of massless, spin-2 fields described, in the free limit, by a sum ofExpand
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Relativistic models of magnetars: the twisted torus magnetic field configuration
We find general relativistic solutions of equilibrium magnetic field configurations in magnetars, extending previous results of Colaiuda et al. Our method is based on the solution of the relativisticExpand
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3D superconformal theories from Sasakian seven-manifolds: new non-trivial evidences for AdS4/CFT3
Abstract In this paper we discuss candidate superconformal N =2 gauge theories that realize the AdS/CFT correspondence with M-theory compactified on the homogeneous Sasakian 7 -manifolds M 7 thatExpand
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Testing general relativity with present and future astrophysical observations
One century after its formulation, Einstein's general relativity (GR) has made remarkable predictions and turned out to be compatible with all experimental tests. Most of these tests probe the theoryExpand
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Perturbations of slowly rotating black holes: massive vector fields in the Kerr metric
We discuss a general method to study linear perturbations of slowly rotating black holes which is valid for any perturbation field, and particularly advantageous when the field equations are notExpand
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Gravitational wave asteroseismology reexamined
The frequencies and damping times of the non radial oscillations of non rotating neutron stars are computed for a set of recently proposed equations of state (EOS) which describe matter atExpand
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Equation-of-state-independent relations in neutron stars
Neutron stars are extremely relativistic objects which abound in our universe and yet are poorly understood, due to the high uncertainty on how matter behaves in the extreme conditions which prevailExpand
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Tidal Love numbers of a slowly spinning neutron star
By extending our recent framework to describe the tidal deformations of a spinning compact object, we compute for the first time the tidal Love numbers of a spinning neutron star to linear order inExpand
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M-theory on AdS4 × M111: the complete Osp(2|4) × SU(3) × SU(2) spectrum from harmonic analysis☆
Abstract We reconsider the Kaluza-Klein compactifications of D = 11 supergravity on AdS4 × (G/H)7 manifolds that were classified in the eighties, in the modern perspective of AdS4/CFT3Expand
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Black holes and binary mergers in scalar Gauss-Bonnet gravity: scalar field dynamics
We study the nonlinear dynamics of black holes that carry scalar hair and binaries composed of such black holes. The scalar hair is due to a linear or exponential coupling between the scalar and theExpand
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