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Determinants of the variability in respiratory exchange ratio at rest and during exercise in trained athletes.
We examined the variability and determinants of the respiratory exchange ratio (RER) at rest and during exercise in 61 trained cyclists. Fasting (10-12 h) RER was measured at rest and during exerciseExpand
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Two new species and new records of oribatid mites from Turkey
Abstract Allogalumna turkeyensis n. sp. and Zygoribatula lanceolata n. sp. are described from Turkey. Seven known species viz. Achipteria nitens (Nicolet, 1855), Chamobates kieviensis Shaldybina,Expand
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The genera Liacarus, Stenoxenillus and Xenillus (Oribatida: Gustavioidea) from Turkey.
Two new gustavioid species viz. Stenoxenillus incisus sp. nov. and Xenillus setosus sp. nov. are described from Turkey. Taxonomic problems concerning the genera Liacarus, Stenoxenillus and XenillusExpand
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Two New Records of Oribatula (Zygoribatula) Species (Acari: Oribatida) from Turkey, with Redescriptions
Abstract The oribatid mite fauna of Turkey is still relatively poorly known. The present paper adds two species of oribatid mites to the known Turkish fauna viz., Oribatula (Zygoribatula)Expand
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A stratigraphic-structural profile through parts of the Beaufort Group: fold genesis and relationship to U-distribution
Abstract A technique for constructing a composite profile of a very gently folded sedimentary multilayer sequence, some 1200 m thick, is introduced and applied. Accuracy checks and balances areExpand
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Monoclines and palaeochannels: evidence for syntectonic sedimentation in the Beaufort Group of the Karoo basin, South Africa
Abstract In the south-western part of the Karoo basin, southward-dipping monoclines apparently had an influence on sedimentation patterns in fluvial deposits of the Late Permian-Early TriassicExpand
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Description of Oribatula dentata sp. nov. (Oribatulidae, Oribatida) from Spain and complementary data on O. longelamellata and O. macrostega
A new species, Oribatula dentata sp. nov., is proposed for the oribatid mite previously recorded as O. macrostega sensu Iturrondobeitia (1985). This new species is characterised by prominent,Expand