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Coronal Bright Points as possible sources of density variations in the Solar Corona
Recent analysis of high-cadence white-light images taken by the Solar-Terrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) near solar maximum has revealed that outflowing density structures are released in anExpand
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Relating Streamer Flows to Density and Magnetic Structures at the Parker Solar Probe
The physical mechanisms that produce the slow solar wind are still highly debated. Parker Solar Probe's (PSP's) second solar encounter provided a new opportunity to relate in situ measurements of theExpand
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The Heliospheric Current Sheet and Plasma Sheet during Parker Solar Probe's First Orbit
We present Heliospheric Current Sheet (HCS) and Plasma Sheet (HPS) observations during Parker Solar Probe's (PSP) first orbit around the Sun. We focus on the eight intervals that display a trueExpand
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Detailed imaging of coronal rays with the Parker Solar Probe.
The Wide-field Imager for Solar PRobe (WISPR) obtained the first high-resolution images of coronal rays at heights below 15 R$_\odot$ when the Parker Solar Probe (PSP) was located inside 0.25 auExpand
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Simulations de l'interaction du vent solaire avec des magnétosphères planétaires : de Mercure à Uranus, le rôle de la rotation planétaire
La these porte sur le role de la rotation planetaire dans la structure globale de l'interaction vent solaire/magnetosphere a partir de simulations magnetohydrodynamiques (MHD). Les magnetospheresExpand
Rarefaction and compressional standing slow mode structures in Mercury's magnetosheath: 3D MHD simulations
Abstract We show that slow mode compressional fronts form upstream of the day side magnetopause in MHD simulations of Mercury's magnetosphere. The strongest compressional fronts are located upstreamExpand
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