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Science in Russia and the Soviet Union: A Short History
Preface Illustrations Introduction Part I. The Tsarist Period: 1. Russian science before 1800 2. Science in nineteenth-century Russia 3. Russian intellectuals and Darwinism Part II. Russian Science
Science in the New Russia: Crisis, Aid, Reform
Contents Introduction List of Acronyms 1. Science at the End of the Soviet Period 2. Breakup of the Soviet Union and Crisis in Russian Science 3. Major Directions of Reform in Russian Science 4.
What Have We Learned About Science and Technology from the Russian Experience
Preface 1. Is science a social construction? 2. Are science and technology Westernizing influences? 3. How robust is science under stress? 4. How willing are scientists to reform their own
Science and Philosophy in the Soviet Union
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Lonely Ideas: Can Russia Compete?
When have you gone into an electronics store, picked up a desirable gadget, and found that it was labeled “Made in Russia†? Probably never. Russia, despite its epic intellectual achievements in
Emerging Innovation in Emerging Economies: Can Institutional Reforms Help Russia Break Through Its Historical Barriers?
This article investigates Russia's historical and current innovation initiatives through the lens of institutional theory, utilizing the triple-helix innovation model, which we have extended to
Between Science and Values
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The Power of Names
Abstract The act of “naming” something has throughout history often been linked to the exertion of power over the thing named. This concept is found in almost all cultures. In mathematics, “naming”
Science, philosophy, and human behavior in the Soviet Union
Examines the state of Soviet research into fields such as psychology, genetics, chemistry, cybernetics, and relativity physics.
Red Star: The First Bolshevik Utopia
Preface Fantasy and Revolution: Alexander Bogdanov and the Origins of Bolshevik Science Fiction, Richard Stites RED STAR: A Utopia ENGINNEER MENNI: A Novel of Fantasy A MARTIAN STRANDED ON EARTH: A