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A 160$\times$ 120-Pixels Range Camera With In-Pixel Correlated Double Sampling and Fixed-Pattern Noise Correction
The design and electro-optical test of a 160 × 120-pixels CMOS sensor specifically conceived for Time-Of-Flight 3D imaging is presented, which allows the implementation of Indirect Time-of-Flight technique for distance measurement with reset noise removal through Correlated Double Sampling and embedded fixed-pattern noise reduction. Expand
A CMOS 3-D Imager Based on Single Photon Avalanche Diode
A 64-pixel linear array aimed at 3-D vision applications is implemented in a high-voltage 0.8 mum CMOS technology and for the first time the implementation of an indirect time-of-flight measurement is explored by operating the proposed active pixel in the photon counting mode. Expand
Single-Photon Avalanche Diode CMOS Sensor for Time-Resolved Fluorescence Measurements
A single-photon avalanche diode-based pixel array for the analysis of fluorescence phenomena is presented. Each 180 times 150 - mum2 pixel integrates a single photon detector combined with an activeExpand
A hardware-software framework for high-reliability people fall detection
This paper presents a hardware and software framework for reliable fall detection in the home environment, with particular focus on the protection and assistance to the elderly. The integratedExpand
A Range Image Sensor Based on 10- $\mu{\hbox {m}}$ Lock-In Pixels in 0.18-$\mu$m CMOS Imaging Technology
This paper presents the design and characterization of a lock-in pixel array based on a buried channel photo-detector aimed at time-of-flight range imaging. The proposed photo-demodulator has beenExpand
3D modeling of complex and detailed cultural heritage using multi-resolution data
The interdisciplinary project of the virtualization of the Great Inscription of Gortyna, Crete, for 3D documentation, structural studies, and physical replica purposes and the derived 3D model of the heritage is now the basis for further archaeological studies on the incision techniques and a deeper structural analysis on the monument. Expand
Optimized position sensors for flying-spot active triangulation systems
A description of the integrated sensors developed for flying-spot active triangulation using standard CMOS technology that allows the monolithic integration of photo-sensors, together with readout circuits, and digital signal processors is given. Expand
Novel CMOS image sensor with a 132-dB dynamic range
A CMOS image sensor providing an ultrawide dynamic range with a piecewise linear response is presented. The active pixel is based on a novel architecture which implements a voltage comparator and anExpand
A CMOS image sensor with programmable pixel-level analog processing
A prototype of a 34 /spl times/ 34 pixel image sensor, implementing real-time analog image processing, is presented, and its dynamic range can be extended up to 96 dB using the double-sampling technique. Expand