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Chiral symmetry breaking and the Banks-Casher relation in lattice QCD with Wilson quarks
The Banks-Casher relation links the spontaneous breaking of chiral symmetry in QCD to the presence of a non-zero density of quark modes at the low end of the spectrum of the Dirac operator. SpectralExpand
Non-perturbative renormalization of quark bilinears
Abstract We compute non-perturbatively the renormalization constants of quark bilinears on the lattice in the quenched approximation at three values of the coupling β = 6/g02 = 6.0, 6.2, 6.4 usingExpand
Topological susceptibility in SU(3) gauge theory.
We compute the topological susceptibility for the SU(3) Yang-Mills theory by employing the expression of the topological charge density operator suggested by Neuberger's fermions. In the continuumExpand
Low-energy couplings of QCD from current correlators near the chiral limit
We investigate a new numerical procedure to compute fermionic correlation functions at very small quark masses. Large statistical fluctuations, due to the presence of local ``bumps'' in the waveExpand
B-parameters for Delta S=2 supersymmetric operators
Abstract We present a calculation of the matrix elements of the most general set of ΔS =2 dimension-six four-fermion operators. The values of the matrix elements are given in terms of theExpand
Lattice quark masses: a non-perturbative measurement
We discuss the renormalization of different definitions of quark masses in the Wilson and the tree-level improved SW-Clover fermionic action. Using perturbative and non-perturbative renormalizationExpand
The QCD chiral condensate from the lattice
Abstract We determine the chiral condensate from simulations of quenched lattice QCD with Wilson fermions. Our measurements have been obtained with high statistics at three values of the gaugeExpand
Equation of state of the SU(3) Yang–Mills theory: A precise determination from a moving frame
Abstract The equation of state of the SU(3) Yang–Mills theory is determined in the deconfined phase with a precision of about 0.5%. The calculation is carried out by numerical simulations of latticeExpand
Stability of lattice QCD simulations and the thermodynamic limit
We study the spectral gap of the Wilson-Dirac operator in two-flavour lattice QCD as a function of the lattice spacing a, the space-time volume V and the current-quark mass m. It turns out that theExpand
Light Quark Masses with Overlap Fermions in Quenched QCD
We present the results of a computation of the sum of the strange and average up-down quark masses with overlap fermions in the quenched approximation. Since the overlap regularization preservesExpand