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Postoperative Rehabilitation Guidelines for Hip Arthroscopy in an Active Population
Context: With the evolution of hip arthroscopy has come an increased recognition of intra-articular hip pathologies and improved techniques for their management. Whereas mechanical problems can oftenExpand
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Using rolling to develop neuromuscular control and coordination of the core and extremities of athletes.
Rolling is a movement pattern seldom used by physical therapists for assessment and intervention with adult clientele with normal neurologic function. Rolling, as an adult motor skill, combines theExpand
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Efficient CO₂ capture by a task-specific porous organic polymer bifunctionalized with carbazole and triazine groups.
A porous triazine and carbazole bifunctionalized task-specific polymer has been synthesized via a facile Friedel-Crafts reaction. The resultant porous framework exhibits excellent CO2 uptake (18.0Expand
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Fast MAS 1H NMR Study of Water Adsorption and Dissociation on the (100) Surface of Ceria Nanocubes: A Fully Hydroxylated, Hydrophobic Ceria Surface
1H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy was used to study hydroxylic surface species on ceria nanocubes, a crystalline, high-surface-area CeO2 that presents mostly (100) facets. WaterExpand
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Operando NMR and XRD study of chemically synthesized LiCx oxidation in a dry room environment
Abstract We test the stability of pre-lithiated graphite anodes for Li-ion batteries in a dry room battery processing room. The reaction between LiCx and laboratory air was followed using operandoExpand
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Conduction below 100 °C in nominal Li6ZnNb4O14
The increasing demand for a safe rechargeable battery with a high energy density per cell is driving a search for a novel solid electrolyte with a high Li+ or Na+ conductivity that is chemicallyExpand
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Constructed on-site sand filters as secondary and tertiary effluent treatment processes
Full scale sand filters were constructed to treat effluent from two separate on-site wastewater treatment systems in Ireland; one a septic tank, the other a naturally-aerated peat filter. TheExpand