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Global plight of native temperate grasslands: going, going, gone?
The indelible imprint of humanity is credited for the major degradation of natural systems worldwide. Nowhere are the transforming qualities of mankind more apparent than in the native temperate
Grassland Flora: a field guide for the Southern Tablelands (NSW and ACT)
This is an excellent publication, very comprehensive, great value and useable throughout southeastern Australia.
The flora of Township Lagoon Nature Reserve and its management, Tunbridge, Tasmania
Township Lagoon Nature Reserve is 16 ha of remnant native grassland in the lowest rainfall area of Tasmania. A high proportion of rare and threatened species occurs within the reserve. They comprise
Noah’s Ark Conservation Will Not Preserve Threatened Ecological Communities under Climate Change
This case study uses the critically endangered Lowland Grassland community of Tasmania, Australia as a case study to identify options for management in cases where future climatic conditions become unsuitable for the current threatened community.
Adaptation pathways for conservation law and policy
Globally, biodiversity is under increasing pressure from human activities despite protective measures in conservation laws. Climate change will exacerbate those pressures and the effects of habitat