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A Design Theory for Systems That Support Emergent Knowledge Processes
This paper developed an IS design theory for EKP support systems, which makes the development process more tractable for developers by restricting the range of effective features and therange of effective development practices to a more manageable set. Expand
Readings in Distributed Artificial Intelligence
Most artificial intelligence research investigates intelligent behavior for a single agent--solving problems heuristically, understanding natural language, and so on. Distributed ArtificialExpand
The integration of computing and routine work
The framework for analyzing computing and routine work presented here proves useful for representing and reasoning about activity in multiactor systems in general, and in understanding how better to integrate organizations of people and computers in which work is coordinated. Expand
Assessing Information Quality of a Community-Based Encyclopedia
This work proposes seven IQ metrics which can be evaluated automatically and test the set on a representative sample of Wikipedia content, along with a number of statistical characterizations of Wikipedia articles, their content construction, process metadata and social context. Expand
Information quality work organization in wikipedia
This article analyzes the organization of IQ assurance work in a large-scale, open, collaborative encyclopedia—Wikipedia and believes that the study of those evolving debates and processes and of the IQ assurance model as a whole has useful implications for the improvement of quality in other more conventional databases. Expand
A framework for information quality assessment
This article proposes a general IQ assessment framework that consists of comprehensive typologies of IQ problems, related activities, and a taxonomy of IQ dimensions organized in a systematic way based on sound theories and practices. Expand
Social Conceptions of Knowledge and Action: DAI Foundations and Open Systems Semantics
  • L. Gasser
  • Computer Science, Sociology
  • Artif. Intell.
  • 1 February 1991
Several of the key concepts of OISS are not clearly enough defined or operationalized, and the article points out several ways to strengthen the OISS approach. Expand
Centers and peripheries: Network roles in language change
Sociolinguistic studies have demonstrated that centrally-connected and peripheral members of social networks can both propel and impede the spread of linguistic innovations. We use agent-basedExpand
Research Directions for Service-Oriented Multiagent Systems
A 15-year roadmap for service-oriented multiagent system research is described, which states that further advances in multiagent systems could feed into tomorrow's successful service- oriented computing approaches. Expand