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Resonant fluorescence line narrowing measurements in erbium-doped glasses for optical amplifiers
Rapid development of optical fiber amplifiers, and more especially of the erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) during the last decade, has benefited from extensive work on the configuration of theExpand
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Optical add/drop multiplexer based on UV-written Bragg grating in a fused 100% coupler
The authors report the first realisation of a simple and stable optical add/drop multiplexer based on a UV-written Bragg grating in the coupling region of a fused 100% coupler. Add/drop functions areExpand
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Dual concentric core dispersion compensating fibre optimised for WDM application
A dual concentric core fibre exhibiting a chromatic dispersion coefficient around -350 ps/(nm km) is used in a dispersion compensating module designed for WDM application. The optimised length ratioExpand
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Efficient Bragg gratings in phosphosilicate and germanosilicate photonic crystal fiber.
We present ArF laser-induced dynamics of Bragg grating (BG) growths in phosphosilicate-doped or germanosilicate-doped core photonic crystal fibers (PCFs). To this end, we have adapted the techniqueExpand
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30dBm output power from a cladding pumped Yb free EDFA for L band applications
Several terabit/s per fiber are now regularly demonstrated [1] and will be commercially available soon. These high bit rates are achieved with wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) systems. TheExpand
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Topological graph theory on vox-solids
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Dispersion-managed fiber with low chromatic dispersion slope
A dispersion-balanced fiber exhibiting a low chromatic dispersion slope (<0.015 ps/nm/sup 2//km at 1550 nm) was obtained by longitudinally changing the radial dimension of a refractive index profile.Expand
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Broadband optical fibre amplification over 17.7 THz range
A lumped optical fibre amplifier exploiting the full spectrum of optical fibres and delivering a record bandwidth of 17.7 THz (between /spl lambda/=1297 nm and /spl lambda/=1605 nm) has been achievedExpand
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Full vector modal analysis of microstructured optical fiber propagation characteristics
Microstructured optical fibers (MOFs) are optical fibers having a periodic air-silica cross-section. The air holes extend along the axis of the fiber for its entire length. The core of the fiber isExpand
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