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Palliative Care Professionals' Inner Life: Exploring the Relationships Among Awareness, Self-Care, and Compassion Satisfaction and Fatigue, Burnout, and Coping With Death.
CONTEXT Professionals working in the landscape of death and dying frequently are exposed to existential issues, psychological challenges, and emotional distress associated with care at the end ofExpand
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Development and validation of a new tool for the assessment and spiritual care of palliative care patients.
CONTEXT Spiritual assessment tools and interventions based on holistic approaches are needed to promote healing. Such tools must be adapted to the wide cultural backgrounds of contemporary WesternExpand
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Validating the Portuguese Version of the Satisfaction With Life Scale in an Elderly Sample
Life satisfaction is referred to a cognitive, judgmental process (Diener et al. in J Pers Assess 49:71–75, 1985), in which person’s quality of life is globally assessed according to his/her chosenExpand
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Compassion Satisfaction, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout in Spain and Brazil: ProQOL Validation and Cross-cultural Diagnosis.
CONTEXT Palliative care professionals' quality of life has emerged as a growing issue of interest in health care literature, centered on concerns about professionals' compassion within a context ofExpand
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Explaining Method Effects Associated With Negatively Worded Items in Trait and State Global and Domain-Specific Self-Esteem Scales
Several investigators have interpreted method effects associated with negatively worded items in a substantive way. This research extends those studies in different ways: (a) it establishes theExpand
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Comparing counseling and dignity therapies in home care patients: A pilot study.
OBJECTIVE Several studies have successfully tested psychosocial interventions in palliative care patients. Counseling is the technique most often employed. Dignity therapy (DT) has recently emergedExpand
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Predicting Life Satisfaction in the Oldest-Old: A Moderator Effects Study
The demographic aging of the older population itself has turned out as an issue of great scope, accumulating a large amount of research in recent years. In this context, the prediction or explanationExpand
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Predicting success indicators of an intervention programme for convicted intimate-partner violence offenders: The Contexto Programme
Recent legal changes in Spain have led to an important increase in the number of men court-mandated to community-based partner violence offender intervention programmes. However, just a few of thoseExpand
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Demoralization Scale in Spanish-Speaking Palliative Care Patients.
CONTEXT Among the approaches to the demoralization syndrome, the one proposed by Kissane et al. is prevalent in the literature. These authors developed the Demoralization Scale (DS) to assessExpand
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Spirituality in patients with advanced illness: The role of symptom control, resilience and social network
In this study, we analyzed the relationships among clinical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of patients with advanced illness. It was a cross-sectional study, with a sample of 108Expand
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