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Effective stability for a Hamiltonian system near an elliptic equilibrium point, with an application to the restricted three body problem
Abstract We consider an n -degrees of freedom Hamiltonian system near an elliptic equilibrium point. The system is put in normal form (up to an arbitrary order and with respect to some resonanceExpand
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On the problem of energy equipartition for large systems of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam type: analytical and numerical estimates
Abstract We report on some analytical and numerical results on the exchanges of energy in systems of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam type, in the light of Nekhoroshev's theorem, with particular attention to theExpand
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Zero-point energy in classical non-linear mechanics☆
Abstract It is pointed out that the critical energy for stochasticity observed in classical systems, for physical values of the parameters in the problem, is of the order of magnitude of the quantumExpand
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Some rigorous results on the Pauli-Fierz model of classical electrodynamics
We consider the dynamical system describing the classical electromagnetic field interacting with an extended rigid charged particle in the non-relativistic approximation (the Pauli-Fierz model);Expand
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Analog of Planck's formula and effective temperature in classical statistical mechanics far from equilibrium
We study the statistical mechanics very far from equilibrium for a classical system of harmonic oscillators colliding with point particles (mimicking a heat reservoir), for negligible initialExpand
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Recent progress in classical nonlinear dynamics
8 - ConclusionsIn this paper it has been illustrated how modern mathematical developments and numerical computations in classical nonlinear dynamics indicate that classical systems ofn degrees ofExpand
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Lévy flights in the Landau-Teller model of molecular collisions.
We consider the Landau-Teller model, which is a prototype for the exchanges of energy, in molecular collisions, between internal degrees of freedom and those of the center of mass. We show that theExpand
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Numerical computations on a stochastic parameter related to the Kolmogorov entropy
A stochastic parameter which appears to be related to the Kolmogorov entropy is computed for a system of $N$ particles in a line with the nearest-neighbor Lennard-Jones interaction. It is found thatExpand
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