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MOE prediction in Abies pinsapo Boiss. timber: Application of an artificial neural network using non-destructive testing
Determining the modulus of elasticity of wood by applying an artificial neural network using the physical properties and non-destructive testing can be a useful method in assessments of the timberExpand
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Artificial Neural Networks in Wood Identification: The Case of two Juniperus Species from the Canary Islands
Neural networks are complex mathematical structures inspired on biological neural networks, capable of learning from examples (training group) and extrapolating knowledge to an unknown sampleExpand
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Abies pinsapo forests in Spain and Morocco: threats and conservation
Abstract The conifer forests of the Mediterranean Basin have been subjected to overuse by humans since ancient times. Some species have survived in inaccessible refuges but the ranges of otherExpand
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Variation in wood anatomical traits of Pinus sylvestris L. between Spanish regions of provenance
The Spanish populations of Pinus sylvestris L. occupy differentiated sites and must therefore include structural variations to cope with varied climate conditions. This study compares wood anatomicalExpand
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Adaptive anatomy of Pinushalepensis trees from different Mediterranean environments in Spain
A study was conducted on the variation in growth, biomass, juvenile wood anatomy, and needle morphology of Pinushalepensis Mill. from three Spanish regions of provenance characterized byExpand
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Characterisation of the xylem of 352 conifers
Siguiendo los metodos tradicionales de preparacion y descripcion de la madera a nivel microscopico, se han realizado 352 descripciones de maderas de coniferas. Para la caracterizacion de cada maderaExpand
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Reduction of wood hygroscopicity and associated dimensional response by repeated humidity cycles
La reduction de la reponse du bois aux variations d'humidite ambiante, decrite comme une forme de vieillissement, a ete etudiee du double point de vue de la reprise d'humidite et des variationsExpand
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Artificial neural networks in variable process control: application in particleboard manufacture
Artificial neural networks are an efficient tool for modelling production control processes using data from the actual production as well as simulated or design of experiments data. In this study twoExpand
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Influence of region of provenance and climate factors on wood anatomical traits of Pinus nigra Arn. subsp. salzmannii
Region of provenance is defined as an area with uniform ecological conditions where stands with similar phenotypic or genetic features are found. This study assesses the effect of differing climateExpand
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Juvenile and mature wood of Abies pinsapo Boissier: sorption and thermodynamic properties
For industrial processes, it is important to study the hygroscopicity and thermodynamic properties of juvenile and mature wood. Samples of Abies pinsapo Boiss. collected in the natural areas of theExpand
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