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Hawaiian Marine Bioinvasions: A Preliminary Assessment
Origin Historically the numbers of introductions have peaked at several different times: during the 1920s, probably through the effort of Charles Howard Edmondson, then recently arrived invertebrateExpand
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The names of decapod and stomatopod Crustacea from Tahiti, French Polynesia, established by Anthony Curtiss in 1938 and 1944
In two poorly known books published in 1938 and 1944, Anthony Curtiss described 21 species of decapod and stomatopod crustaceans from Tahiti. Of these, 20 are found to be junior synonyms ofExpand
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Two Species of Homola (Dromiacea, Homolidae) from Guam1
Two species of Homola are examined from depth s to 500 m from experimental shrimp trap s from the island of Guam, Mariana Islands. One of them is new to science; the other is widespread throughoutExpand
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Pacific Science Association
How many species are there in Hawaii? 1
Introduction The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated island group in the world. The 8 main southeastern islands, with their sequentially younger geological ages, great physiographic and climacticExpand