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Occurrence of endo and hemoparasites in Sporophila caerulescens captured in the eastern region of the state of Acre, Brazil
Parasites diagnosed in this study can promote the emergence of secondary infections in S. caerulescens individuals or other animals that are contaminated with these etiological agents, since, when migrating through different biomes of South America, other animal species can come into contact with these agents.
New material of Anhingidae (Aves: Suliformes) from the upper Miocene of the Amazon, Brazil
ABSTRACT We describe a new specimen attributed toMacranhinga ranzii, a taxon whose holotype is a left femur, being collected from rocks in the Solimões formation, Southwestern Amazon. The new
First report of Davaneidae and Strongylida parasitizing Ramphocelus carbo (Aves: Passeriformes: Thraupidae) in the southwest of the Brazilian Amazon region.
The aim of this study was to diagnose the presence of endoparasites in fecal samples from specimens of Ramphocelus carbo that were caught in the Cazumba-Iracema Extractive Reserve (Cazumbá Resex), in the State of Acre.
Endoparasites in wild birds in the Brazilian Amazon
The southwest of the Amazon rainforest, northern Brazil, is a poorly explored area that warrants further research on the parasitic fauna of wildlife.