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DisGeNET: a comprehensive platform integrating information on human disease-associated genes and variants
The information about the genetic basis of human diseases lies at the heart of precision medicine and drug discovery. However, to realize its full potential to support these goals, several problems,Expand
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DisGeNET: a discovery platform for the dynamical exploration of human diseases and their genes
DisGeNET is a comprehensive discovery platform designed to address a variety of questions concerning the genetic underpinning of human diseases. DisGeNET contains over 380 000 associations betweenExpand
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Gene-Disease Network Analysis Reveals Functional Modules in Mendelian, Complex and Environmental Diseases
Background Scientists have been trying to understand the molecular mechanisms of diseases to design preventive and therapeutic strategies for a long time. For some diseases, it has become evidentExpand
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The Semanticscience Integrated Ontology (SIO) for biomedical research and knowledge discovery
The Semanticscience Integrated Ontology (SIO) is an ontology to facilitate biomedical knowledge discovery. SIO features a simple upper level comprised of essential types and relations for the richExpand
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Extraction of relations between genes and diseases from text and large-scale data analysis: implications for translational research
BackgroundCurrent biomedical research needs to leverage and exploit the large amount of information reported in scientific publications. Automated text mining approaches, in particular those aimed atExpand
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DisGeNET: a Cytoscape plugin to visualize, integrate, search and analyze gene-disease networks
UNLABELLED DisGeNET is a plugin for Cytoscape to query and analyze human gene-disease networks. DisGeNET allows user-friendly access to a new gene-disease database that we have developed byExpand
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The DisGeNET knowledge platform for disease genomics: 2019 update
Abstract One of the most pressing challenges in genomic medicine is to understand the role played by genetic variation in health and disease. Thanks to the exploration of genomic variants at largeExpand
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Human diseases through the lens of network biology.
  • L. Furlong
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  • Trends in genetics : TIG
  • 1 March 2013
One of the challenges raised by next generation sequencing (NGS) is the identification of clinically relevant mutations among all the genetic variation found in an individual. Network biology hasExpand
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PsyGeNET: a knowledge platform on psychiatric disorders and their genes
Summary: PsyGeNET (Psychiatric disorders and Genes association NETwork) is a knowledge platform for the exploratory analysis of psychiatric diseases and their associated genes. PsyGeNET is composedExpand
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OSIRISv1.2: A named entity recognition system for sequence variants of genes in biomedical literature
BackgroundSingle Nucleotide Polymorphisms, among other type of sequence variants, constitute key elements in genetic epidemiology and pharmacogenomics. While sequence data about genetic variation isExpand
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