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Tracking Soil Temperature and Moisture in a Multi-Factor Climate Experiment in Temperate Grassland: Do Climate Manipulation Methods Produce their Intended Effects?
Passive open-top chambers (OTCs) and rainout shelters (RSs) have been used for over two decades to manipulate temperature and water availability in experiments on plant communities. These types ofExpand
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Worldwide evidence of a unimodal relationship between productivity and plant species richness
Grassland diversity and ecosystem productivity The relationship between plant species diversity and ecosystem productivity is controversial. The debate concerns whether diversity peaks atExpand
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Adaptive phenotypic plasticity of Pseudoroegneria spicata: response of stomatal density, leaf area and biomass to changes in water supply and increased temperature.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Changes in rainfall and temperature brought about through climate change may affect plant species distribution and community composition of grasslands. The primary objective ofExpand
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Wet and Wonderful: The World's Largest Wetlands are Conservation Priorities
Wetlands perform many essential ecosystem services—carbon storage, flood control, maintenance of biodiversity, fish production, and aquifer recharge, among others—services that have increasinglyExpand
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The role of experimental microcosms in ecological research.
  • L. Fraser, P. Keddy
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Trends in ecology & evolution
  • 1 December 1997
A number of recent and important developments in community ecology have been derived from experiments conducted in microcosms. Studies with microcosms have addressed a broad range of phenomena,Expand
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A comparative approach to examine competitive response of 48 wetland plant species
Abstract. Competitive ability can be separated into competitive effect (ability to suppress neighbours) and competitive response (ability to tolerate suppressive effect from neighbours), but littleExpand
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Large-scale manipulation of plant litter and fertilizer in a managed successional temperate grassland
Plant litter may play an important role in herbaceous plant communities by limiting primary production and influencing plant species richness. However, it is not known how the effect of litterExpand
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Coordinated distributed experiments: An emerging tool for testing global hypotheses in ecology and environmental science
There is a growing realization among scientists and policy makers that an increased understanding of today's environmental issues requires international collaboration and data synthesis.Expand
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A comparative assessment of seedling survival and biomass accumulation for fourteen wetland plant species grown under minor water-depth differences
The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the survival and biomass accumulation of wetland plant species under different water depths in controlled microcosms. In the greenhouse, two-weekoldExpand
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