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Multi-Stakeholder Governance and Voluntary Programme Interactions: Legitimation Politics in the Institutional Design of Corporate Social Responsibility
A variety of innovative institutional forms have emerged within the context of voluntary attempts to address pressing social and environmental issues. Among such institutions, the prevailing wisdomExpand
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Global Rule-Setting for Business: A Critical Analysis of Multi-Stakeholder Standards
In the field of global rule-setting for responsible business behaviour, multi-stakeholder standards have emerged in recent years because of their potential for effective consensus-building,Expand
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Why Do Private Governance Organizations Not Converge? A Political-Institutional Analysis of Transnational Labor Standards Regulation
Voluntary governance arrangements focusing on responsible business behavior have proliferated over the past decades, and in many sectors of industry, different governance organizations now competeExpand
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Labor Standards: Firms and Activists in the Making of Private Regulation
Part I: Understanding Private Labor Regulation 1. Private Labor Regulation: Why and What Is It Good For? 2. Understanding Developments in Private Labor Regulation: A Research Framework Part II:Expand
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The Embeddedness of Responsible Business Practice: Exploring the Interaction Between National-Institutional Environments and Corporate Social Responsibility
Academic literature recognizes that firms in different countries deal with corporate social responsibility (CSR) in different ways. Because of this, analysts presume that variations inExpand
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A market for worker rights: Explaining business support for international private labour regulation
ABSTRACT Why do companies choose the private labour regulations that they do? Scholars know plenty about why companies might accept private regulators to oversee and protect labour standards. ButExpand
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Privatizing or Socializing Corporate Responsibility
This article explores why companies choose some Corporate Responsibility initiatives over others. The focus is on competing voluntary programs to oversee and protect labor standards. These programsExpand
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The politics of meta-governance in transnational private sustainability governance
In order to address challenges resulting from interactions between transnational private sustainability standard organizations, initiatives emerge that meta-govern these standards. Contrary toExpand
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Work ties beget community? Assessing interactions among transnational private governance organizations in sustainable agriculture
Transnational private governance organizations (TPGOs) set standards for various sustainability issues and industries. TPGOs individually address only facets of larger problems such as landExpand
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Big audit firms as regulatory intermediaries in transnational labor governance
Due diligence and corporate disclosure initiatives effectively expand the role of professional service firms as regulatory intermediaries in the governance of conditions of production in globalExpand
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