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Spectral characteristics of plasma sheet ion and electron populations during undisturbed geomagnetic conditions
We have determined the spectral characteristics of central plasma sheet ions and electrons observed during 71 hours when geomagnetic activity was at moderate to high levels (AE ≥ 100 nT). ParticleExpand
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A proposed production model of rapid subauroral ion drifts and their relationship to substorm evolution
Multisatellite data are used to examine the temporal relationship between Subauroral Ion Drifts (SAID) and the phases of an auroral substorm. Utilizing images of auroral luminosities taken by theExpand
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Geocoronal imaging with Dynamics Explorer
The ultraviolet photometer of the University of Iowa spin scan auroral imaging instrumentation on board the Dynamics Explorer 1 satellite has returned numerous images of the geocorona from altitudesExpand
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Upstream hydromagnetic waves and their association with backstreaming ion populations: ISEE 1 and 2 observations
Measurements from the Lepedea plasma instruments and the flux gate magnetometers on ISEE 1 and 2 are used to examine the nature of the hydromagnetic waves associated with the various classes of ionsExpand
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Energy spectra of plasma sheet ions and electrons from ∼50 eV/e to ∼1 MeV during plasma temperature transitions
Measurements of charged particles in the plasma sheet by the low energy proton and electron differential energy analyzer (LEPEDEA) and medium energy particle instrument (MEPI) on ISEE 1 are combinedExpand
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Global simulation of the Geospace Environment Modeling substorm challenge event
We use a global model of Earth's magnetosphere and ionosphere to simulate the Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) substorm challenge event of November 24, 1996. We compare our results toExpand
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The Comprehensive Plasma Instrumentation(CPI) for the GEOTAIL Spacecraft.
Geotail was launched on 24 July 1992 as the first new spacecraft of the International Solar Terrestrial Physics Program (ISTP). A primary objective of the Geotail mission is the acquisition ofExpand
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Intense electron beams observed at Io with the Galileo spacecraft
On December 7, 1995, the plasma instrumentation (PLS) on board the Galileo spacecraft detected intense low-energy electron beams which were aligned along the magnetic field during the close approachExpand
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The plasma sheet boundary layer
The plasma sheet boundary layer is a temporally variable transition region located between the magnetotail lobes and the central plasma sheet. We have made a survey of these regions by using particleExpand
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On the extraterrestrial ring current during geomagnetic storms
Measurements of the differential energy spectrums of protons and electrons, separately, over the energy range extending from ∼200 ev to 50 kev with a sensitive array of electrostatic analyzers borneExpand
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