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Familial congenital defect of the scalp.
The following report of a mother and two children with familial congenital defect of the scalp is presented because 1. It is an extremely rare condition. 2. It has never been reported before in theExpand
Incidence of Epidermal Methylcholanthrene Tumors in Mice After Administration of Cortisone.∗ †
The administration of cortisone to mice given external applications of methyl-cholanthrene in benzene or in carbowax 1500 was followed by some reduction of the early inflammatory response and by an increase in the incidence of epidermal tumor formation per number of animals. Expand
Occlusion, topical corticosteroids and heat in psoriasis.
A better and more rapid clinical response was observed with the application of heat and total body injunction with corticosteroids did not produce any demonstrable absorption. Expand
Therapeutic assays of the Skin and Cancer Unit of the New York University Hospital.
The prompt and generally favorable response of chronic discoid lupus erythematosus to Mepacrine®, seems to merit a preliminary report so that other similar studies may be initiated. Expand
Effect of cortisone upon hypersensitivity due to lymphogranuloma venereum.
Complement-fixing antibodies appear in the blood serum of lymphogranulomatous persons and can be detected and measured by the use of an antigen identical with that employed in the intradermal test, namely, an inactivated suspension of the virus agent. Expand
Clinical experiences with cortisone and corticotropin (ACTH) in some cutaneous diseases.
THE RESULTS obtained with steroid hormones in rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, "collagen diseases," and hypersensitivity states 1 suggested the use of these drugs in treatment of certainExpand
Paramethasone, a new corticosteroid, in selected dermatoses; preliminary report.
During the past several years there has been a concentrated attack upon the problem of divorcing the anti-inflammatory effect of systemic corticosteroids from the sequelae, but it is doubtful that this will be accomplished, since it appears probable that any attempt to do so will be unsuccessful. Expand
Hydrocortisone (compound F) free alcohol and hydrocortisone acetate for topical use; a clinical evaluation.
The following clinical study was done to compare the effects of hydrocortisone free alcohol and hydrocortisone acetate as topical medicaments and to evaluate the most practical concentration forExpand