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Soy isoflavones modulate immune function in healthy postmenopausal women.
BACKGROUND The immune system may be compromised after menopause because of the effects of aging and diminishing concentrations of estrogen, an immune-modulating hormone. Isoflavones, plant-derivedExpand
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The effects of soy milk and isoflavone supplements on cognitive performance in healthy, postmenopausal women.
RATIONALE The decline in estrogen concentrations in women after menopause can contribute to health related changes including impairments in cognition, especially memory. Because of the healthExpand
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Electrophysiological, behavioral, and subjective indexes of workload when performing multiple tasks: manipulations of task difficulty and training.
This study examined whether alpha event-related desynchronization (ERD) and theta event-related synchronization (ERS) could successfully measure changes in cognitive workload and training while anExpand
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Where did you go wrong? Errors, partial errors, and the nature of human information processing.
Human performance is seldom perfect, and even when an overt response is correct it may be accompanied by partial-error activity that does not achieve the level of a complete incorrect response.Expand
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Coactivation in the perception of redundant targets.
Reaction time (RT) to redundant stimuli was investigated while controlling for distraction effects and response competition. In Experiment 1, a redundancy gain was found for 2 target letters withExpand
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Processing redundant signals: Coactivation, divided attention, or what?
The evidence for and against a redundancy gain in reaction time (RT) when the target is repeated in the visual display is reviewed. We consider the relevance of redundancy gains under theseExpand
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Good vibrations? Vibrotactile self-stimulation reveals anticipation of body-related action effects in motor control
Previous research suggests that motor actions are intentionally generated by recollecting their sensory consequences. Whereas this has been shown to apply to visual or auditory consequences in theExpand
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How much processing do nonattended stimuli receive? Apparently very little, but...
The early versus late selection issue in attention models was examined by means of a new methodology. Through cues or precues, attention was directed to one location of a multistimulus visual displayExpand
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Selective attentional delays and attentional capture among simultaneous visual onset elements
  • L. Fournier
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Perception & psychophysics
  • 1 September 1994
Visual discrimination and detection responses to a single stimulus presented simultaneously with noise stimuli are slower and less accurate than are responses to a single stimulus presented alone.Expand
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On the importance of being first: Serial order effects in the interaction between action plans and ongoing actions
When we plan sequences of actions, we must hold some elements of the sequence in working memory (WM) while we execute others. Research shows that execution of an action can be delayed if it partlyExpand
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