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Therapeutic effects of oral NADH on the symptoms of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.
The results of this pilot study indicate that NADH may be a valuable adjunctive therapy in the management of the chronic fatigue syndrome and suggest that further clinical trials be performed to establish its efficacy in this clinically perplexing disorder. Expand
Tissue damage in cattle infected with Theileria annulata accompanied by metastasis of cytokine-producing, schizont-infected mononuclear phagocytes.
Findings provide new evidence that tropical theileriosis can no longer be viewed as a lymphoproliferative disease resulting from the uncontrolled multiplication and metastasis of lymphoid cells infected with T. annulata schizonts, but is caused by a parasite that lives in, and is disseminated by, cytokine-secreting, proliferating mononuclear phagocytes. Expand
Serrate1-induced notch signalling regulates the decision between immunity and tolerance made by peripheral CD4(+) T cells.
The results show that Notch signalling may help explain 'linked' suppression in peripheral tolerance, whereby tolerance induced to one epitope encompasses all epitopes on that antigen during the course of an immune response. Expand
Bovine Cells Infected in Vivo with Theileria Annulata Express CD11b, the C3bi Complement Receptor
Observations provided the first evidence for a myeloid origin for the parasitized T. annulata cells found in infected bovine tissues and blood and suggested a mechanism whereby schizonts could transfer from cell to cell during mechanical infection with schizont-infected cells. Expand
Nitric oxide causes the macroschizonts of Theileria annulata to disappear and host cells to become apoptotic
Findings indicate that effective inactivated vaccines against T. annulata should include antigens able to stimulate the type of CD4+ T cell response which elicits macrophage activation and NO synthesis, and provide new evidence that the protective immune mechanisms which allow cattle to recover from primary infection and resist challenge may be attributed principally to the products of activated macrophages. Expand
Infertility in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis: A Historical Perspective
The current literature suggests that more than 95% of males with cystic fibrosis (CF) are infertile, in contrast to approximately 50% of their female counterparts who may conceive. The present stud...
Induction of Tolerance via the Respiratory Mucosa
Only comparatively recently was the induction of tolerance via the respiratory mucosa described, and it is this form of mucosal tolerance which forms the basis of this review. Expand
Studies on the pathology of bovine theilerioses
The clinical, haematological and parasitological responses monitored during the course of infection indicated that all the calves inoculated with potentially lethal doses of sporozoites of T. annulata had undergone 'acute' infections. Expand
Protective Immune Responses toTheileria Annulata of Relevance to Vaccine Development
SummaryA series of projects onTheileria annulata funded by the European Union (STD1/STD2/STD3) have provided convincing evidence that macrophage and natural killer (NK) cell-dependent immuneExpand