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Palynological diagram of the peat bog near Pavullo nel Frignano (Modena, Italy) in the framework of Tuscan/Emilian Apennines vegetation history.
A pollen diagram drawn for a peat bog located at San Pellegrino, in a vast plain at 675 m a.s.1. near Pavullo nel Frignano (Modena, Italy), is of vegetation on the northern slope of theExpand
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Recherches géobotaniques sur les monts Madonie (Sicile du Nord)
Le ricerche palinologiche sulle Madonie, le prime in Sicilia, si collocano a fianco degli studi fitosociologici che ne costituiscono lo stadio finale. Sono stati presi in considerazione ambientiExpand
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Isotopic–geochemical study of nitrogen and carbon in peat from the Tunguska Cosmic Body explosion site
Abstract Isotopic–geochemical investigations were carried out on peat samples from the 1908 Tunguska Cosmic Body (TCB) explosion area. We analyzed two peat columns from the Northern peat bog, sampledExpand
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Pollen grains in human cytology
Abstract This paper reports on pollen analyses carried out in the course of a ten-year investigation, on many thousands of cytological smears coming from various organs and systems of the human body,Expand
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A multitracer study of peat profiles from Tunguska, Siberia
Abstract Two peat columns from Tunguska (Siberia) were analysed for pollen, spores, charcoal, trace elements and γ-emitters in order to identify the fingerprints of the impact of a still unidentifiedExpand
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Nitrate levels in vegetables that may be eaten raw
The levels of nitrates (and nitrites) in some common vegetables were determined by the spectrophotometric method. Only vegetables generally eaten raw were considered. The nitrate concentration foundExpand
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