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Element cycling and secondary mineralogy in porphyry copper tailings as a function of climate, primary mineralogy, and mineral processing
Abstract A comparative geochemical, mineralogical, and microbiological study of three mine tailings impoundments from the La Andina, El Teniente, and El Salvador porphyry copper deposits, Chile isExpand
Iron oxide copper-gold deposits: geology, space-time distribution, and possible modes of origin
Many diverse ore systems are classified together as iron oxide copper-gold (lOCG) deposits based on an empirical definition arising primarily from geochemical features that do not specify tectonicExpand
The Candelaria-Punta del Cobre Iron Oxide Cu-Au(-Zn-Ag) Deposits, Chile
Several iron oxide-rich Cu-Au(-Zn-Ag) deposits define an approximately 5-km-wide and at least 20-km-long belt along the eastern margin of the coastal batholith near Copiapo, Chile. This belt includesExpand
A mineralogical and geochemical study of element mobility in sulfide mine tailings of Fe oxide Cu–Au deposits from the Punta del Cobre belt, northern Chile
Two flotation tailings sites (Ojancos and P. Cerda) from the Fe oxide Cu–Au Punta del Cobre belt, south of Copiapo, Atacama desert, northern Chile, are geochemically (largely using sequentialExpand
Tectonic evolution and paleogeography of the Mesozoic Pucará Basin, central Peru
Abstract The Pucara Basin of Peru is an elongate trough that subsided landward of a NNW-trending structural high during the Late Triassic–Early Jurassic. It formed as a postrift regional sag as theExpand
Re–Os and Pb–Pb geochronology of the Archean Salobo iron oxide copper–gold deposit, Carajás mineral province, northern Brazil
Rhenium–osmium ages were determined for two molybdenite samples and a Pb–Pb age was derived from bornite–chalcopyrite–magnetite at the Salobo iron oxide copper–gold deposit to determine the timing ofExpand
Petrology and geochemistry of the banded iron formation (BIF) of Wadi Karim and Um Anab, Eastern Desert, Egypt: Implications for the origin of Neoproterozoic BIF
Abstract Banded iron formation (BIF) is exposed among the Precambrian rocks in the Wadi Karim and Um Anab areas in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. The BIF conformably alternates with Neoproterozoic arcExpand
Fluid evolution in zoned Cordilleran polymetallic veins — Insights from microthermometry and LA-ICP-MS of fluid inclusions
Abstract Fluid inclusion analysis through the paragenetic sequence of one symmetrically zoned vein sample is used to reconstruct the P–T–X fluid evolution of a porphyry intrusion-related CordilleranExpand
Cenozoic continental arc magmatism and associated mineralization in Ecuador
Most of the economic ore deposits of Ecuador are porphyry-Cu and epithermal style gold deposits associated with Tertiary continental arc magmatism. This study presents major and trace elementExpand
Genesis of the mississippi valley-type Zn-Pb deposit of San Vicente, central Peru; geologic and isotopic (Sr, O, C, S, Pb) evidence
The San Vicente Zn-Pb ore deposit is situated 300 km east of Lima in central Peru, within the Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic carbonate platform (Pucara Group) at the western margin of the BrazilianExpand