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Early predictors of glucocorticosteroid treatment failure in severe and moderately severe attacks of ulcerative colitis
Objective To analyse the ability of simple clinical and biochemical parameters to predict glucocorticosteroid (GCS) treatment failure in patients with acute attacks of ulcerative colitis.Expand
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CT scanning of middle ear cholesteatoma: what does the surgeon want to know?
The history of surgery for middle ear cholesteatoma is of an evolution of techniques to meet the challenges of inaccessible disease and of post-operative cavity management. The concept hasExpand
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Computed tomography in suppurative ear disease: does it influence management?
The value of high resolution computerized tomography (CT) prior to routine mastoid surgery for cholesteatoma remains controversial. Doubts about sensitivity and specificity, in detecting the extentExpand
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Why patients fail to attend for ENT operations: a one-year prospective audit.
A substantial proportion of patients summoned for routine ENT operations simply fail to turn up on the day of admission. Lacking any notice, the hospital has little prospect of finding replacements,Expand
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Cost-utility analysis and otolaryngology.
As providers of health care, we face increasing demand on our limited, indeed diminishing, resources. Economic appraisal of our interventions means assessing the trade-off between effectiveness,Expand
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Iatrogenic pulsatile tinnitus.
We present an unusual case of iatrogenic arteriovenous malformation following a myringoplasty and its treatment by embolization. Thorough examination and investigation of patients with pulsatileExpand
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The management of a neck mass: presenting feature of an asymptomatic head and neck primary malignancy?
Malignancy of the upper aerodigestive tract is not always associated with obvious localizing symptoms. Presentation may then only be prompted by the appearance of a hard mass in the neck, aExpand
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A systematic approach to interpretation of computed tomography scans prior to surgery of middle ear cholesteatoma.
The foundation of mastoid surgery for cholesteatoma has traditionally been a thorough knowledge of the anatomy and familiarity with landmarks, constant alertness to detect unsuspected complicationsExpand
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The ENT case report in the era of evidence-based medicine: a defence and a guide.
Is there any continuing value in case reports? There is certainly a trend in the medical publishing world away from such articles and in favour of papers and studies that present higher levelExpand
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