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Geoid heights and lithospheric stresses for a dynamic Earth.
Mass heterogeneities in the Earth's crust and mantle are known to exist at all depths and for a large range of wavelengths characteristic of their lateral extent. They are the sources of measurableExpand
Mantle convection and stability of depleted and undepleted continental lithosphere
We address the question of how convective processes control the thicknesses of oceanic and continental lithospheres. The numerical convection model involves a Newtonian rheology which depends onExpand
Thermal and mechanical evolution of shear zones
Physical models of geological shear zones are computed taking into account heating by deformation and consequent softening of the rock. The models show that initiation of a ductile shear zoneExpand
Tectonics and topography for a lithosphere containing density heterogeneities
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the dynamic role of lithospheric density heterogeneities, in particular with respect to mountain building and other processes of intraplate deformation.Expand
Thermal evolution of the oceanic lithosphere: an alternative view
Abstract The most common model used for representing the evolution with age of the oceanic lithosphere is the ‘plate model’ where the temperature is set at a fixed depth, called the base of theExpand
The Seismic Sequence of the 16 September 2015 Mw 8.3 Illapel, Chile, Earthquake
On 16 September 2015, the M w 8.3 Illapel, Chile, earthquake broke a large area of the Coquimbo region of north‐central Chile. This area was well surveyed by more than 15 high‐rate Global PositioningExpand
Effect of lateral viscosity variations in the top 300 km on the geoid and dynamic topography
SUMMARY We have investigated the impact of lateral viscosity variations (LVV) in the top 300 km of the mantle on the long-wavelength gravitational response of the Earth. In contrast to the previousExpand
Thinning of the lithosphere by small-scale convective destabilization
Gravitational, topographical and seismological studies of uplift regions around hot spots on oceanic,1,2 and continental plates3–7 have suggested that considerable lithospheric thinning has takenExpand
Shear deformation zones along major transform faults and subducting slabs
Summary. Narrow zones of intense shear deformation, i.e. viscous slip zones, are studied analytically with a one-dimensional time-dependent model of two half-spaces of identical or contrastingExpand